Hongta Group Tobacco Factories   - Details
CHINA - Product: Tobacco; Name: Hongta Group Tobacco Factories - 红塔集团,玉溪,红塔山,红梅,庄园,第一座,烟草庄园,第一包,有机烟 - 界名酒·五粮液   - Details
CHINA - Product: Liquor; Name: Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd.; 界名酒·五粮液 - Wuliangye Group Co., Ltd. is situated on the bank of Minjiang River, north of Yibin City in Sichuan Province, Southwestern China, which is known as the "First Major City along the Yangtze River".

Changyu-Moser   - Details
CHINA - AUSTRIA - Product: Wine; Name: Changyu-Moser - 怡园酒庄官网-中国精品酒庄   - Details
CHINA - Product: Wine; Name: Great Wall Wine - COFCO; COFCO is China's leading oil and food importer and exporter, and one of its largest food manufacturers. 中粮集团是中国最大的粮油食品进出口公司和实力雄厚的食品生产商。在与大众生活息息相关的农产品贸易、生物质能源开发、食品生产加工、地产、物业、酒店经营以及金融服务等领域成绩卓著

GRACE VINEYARD - 怡园酒庄官网-中国精品酒庄   - Details
CHINA - Product: Wine; Name: Grace Vineyard - 怡园酒庄官网-中国精品酒庄 Grace Vineyard is located in Taigu County, 40 km south of the provincial capital Tai Yuan in Shanxi Province. - 北京二锅头酒业股份有限公司_食品   - Details
CHINA - Product: Liquor; Name: Erguotou - 北京二锅头酒业股份有限公司_食品 - 北京顺鑫农业股份有限公司牛栏山酒厂--酒厂简介   - Details
CHINA - Product: Liquor; Name: Niulanshan liquor - 北京顺鑫农业股份有限公司牛栏山酒厂--酒厂简介

XIFENG JIU - 西凤酒官网_陕西西凤酒价格表和图片_西凤酒1952官方网站   - Details
CHINA - Product: Liquor; Name: Xifengjiu - 西凤酒官网_陕西西凤酒价格表和图片_西凤酒1952官方网站

Zwettler Bier   - Details
AUSTRIA - City: Zwettl; Product: Beer; Name: Zwettler Bier - Österreich

Tsingtao Beer - 燕京啤酒   - Details
CHINA - Product: Beer; Name: Tsingtao; Tsingtao Lager was first brewed and bottled by the Tsingtao Brewery in 1903.

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