" AT&T科技谷公民的应用挑战寻求移动应用,以解决区域的社会和公民的问题|新闻与事件|头头娱乐

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          AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge Seeks Mobile Apps to Address Region’s Social 和 Civic Issues

          'AT&T*, in partnership with area universities, businesses 和 tech organizations, today launched the AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge—a two-month “virtual hackathon. ”


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          AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge Seeks Mobile Apps to Address Region’s Social 和 Civic Issues

          AT&T Partners with Area Universities, 商业es, 和 Technology Organizations to Challenge Local Developers to Create Smartphone Apps to Serve the 社区

          奥尔巴尼,纽约AT&T*, in partnership with area universities, businesses and tech organizations, today launched the AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge—a two-month “virtual hackathon” in which innovative thinkers, designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to “Solve Local” by building intuitive and novel smartphone apps that address the societal 和 civic issues in the greater Tech Valley community. Winners will receive cash prizes totaling $18,000.

          本地合作伙伴包括: 奥尔巴尼大学, 头头娱乐, techconnex (对经济增长中心的分支机构), 重力的科技谷中心, 萨拉托加techout, 哈德逊谷高科技聚会, 纽约bizlab, beahive, 科技谷移动开发者网络, 加快518破解北部. The AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge will encourage innovative thinkers, designers, artists, developers and entrepreneurs to create intuitive and novel mobile apps that address and provide solutions to these pressing issues, connect and engage citizens with their governments and demonstrate how mobile technologies can lead to the next generation of tech jobs 和 investment.  

           “AT&T's commitment to technology innovation in New York grows out of our company's multi-billion dollar nationwide investment in the mobile communications network of the future,” said Marissa Shorenstein, New York president, AT&T. “By encouraging students and career technologists in the Tech Valley to explore smartphone software development, we are spotlighting the enormous demand for developers 和 engineers needed to create the software that will drive our mobile economy.”

          面临的挑战,通过黑客促进北部,在超过200名区域技术人员和企业家的面前宣布,将持续到5月1日程序员,设计师,企业家和技术专家可以为挑战注册并获得更多信息 techvalleyatt.hackupstate.com

          参与者将有资格获得奖金总计$ 18,000名:$ 10,000大奖,其次是$ 5,000,$ 2,000第三名和两个光荣第二名奖金提到每个$ 500。团队提交的应用程序必须包括谁参加高等教育区域的机构之一或者是19个县组成科技谷,包括奥尔巴尼,克林顿,哥伦比亚,达切斯,埃塞克斯,富兰克林,富尔顿的电流居民至少一个成员,格林,汉密尔顿,赫基默,蒙哥马利,橙,伦斯勒,萨拉托加,斯克内克塔迪,斯科哈里,阿尔斯特,沃伦和华盛顿。

          提交的应用程序将在他们的潜力,影响科技谷,执行和创造力或新奇的质量来判断。评审团由当地的高科技专家,社区领袖和民选官员,包括参议员乔治。 amedore,JR。 (R-46参议院区),assemblymember约翰吨。麦当劳III(d-第108装配区)和纽约州的首席技术官,基肖尔bagul。

          “I am honored to join AT&T and their partners from throughout the Tech Valley on this program that provides an opportunity to highlight the area’s best 和 brightest innovators,” said Senator George A. Amedore, Jr.  “As a judge, I am looking forward to seeing what apps the developers come up with that will provide solutions to benefit the entire region.”

          “I am pleased to support the AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge,” said Assemblymember John T. McDonald III. “Information and mobile technology continues to improve our lives in many ways. We must look for new ways to leverage these technologies to better our community and, most importantly, to better the lives of those who are struggling. I am proud to join with AT&T, elected colleagues, and many other community partners in this effort 和 I wish all of the competitors the best of luck on developing their mobile apps.”

           New York State Chief Technology Officer Kishor Bagul said, “Innovation does not grow in isolation but thrives in a community where public and private sectors, together with academia, collaborate to share ideas and talent to design solutions.  The AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge is a fantastic event to plant seeds of innovation across our state 和 foster our growing innovation economy.”

          "The students and faculty at the 奥尔巴尼大学 are energized by the promise of technology and entrepreneurship in advancing social and civic purposes, and so we are delighted to join our regional partners in launching and promoting the AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge,” said Michael Shimazu, Associate Vice-主席 for 商业 Partnerships and Economic Development at UAlbany. “AT&T’s program aligns well with the University’s support of Governor Cuomo’s economic and transparency initiatives including START-UP NY, the newly designated Capital Region Innovation Hot Spot known as Innovate 518, 和 Open NY."

           “头头娱乐 is proud to join the Tech Valley region area partners to support the Civic App Challenge with AT&T,” said Jason Kuruzovich, director of the Paul J. ’69 and Kathleen M. Severino Center for Technological Entrepreneurship in the Lally School of Management at Rensselaer.  “As America’s oldest technological research university, it is wonderful to see large companies sponsoring activities that can help facilitate growth in the region’s startup ecosystem. The specific structure of this challenge encourages entries by both student and seasoned technical professionals, and we are hopeful that this effort and events like Startup Tech Valley can facilitate the creation of teams that will explore and tackle important social issues that are significant to communities locally 和 beyond.”

          有意者可以使用包括hashtag #techvalleyatt在Twitter上的挑战。

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